Friday, March 11, 2005

Occasional markings -- in the beginning

It has been about thirty years since I first read Dag Hammarskjold’s Markings. Through my ministry career, I frequently referred back to his musings. I even named our church newsletter/bulletin "Markings." Every sermon, every spoken word, every experience has the power to leave a mark on someone’s heart.

As a speaker and student of rhetoric, I learned the power of the occasion, and I also learned the need to speak to such occasions.

So -- here it is. A little late, with a tentative computer literacy, I launch “Occasional Markings” into the blog world. I will speak, when the occasion beckons, with the written word.

What shall I say? Hopefully, I will say the truth. But, like all truth, in a world of competing stories, it will be the truth as I see it. Some news story, some personal experience, will generate feelings of hope, or anger, and I will mark the moment with a thought or two.

Will an audience arise?


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